Opening of the exhibition of Andrei Drozdov "On guard of the Fatherland"


On February 22, on the eve of the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy within the project of traveling exhibitions “Holy Russia – preserve the Faith Orthodox” was the opening of the exposition of the artist Andrei Drozdov “On guard of the Fatherland”.

To the attention of the visitors of the museum are represented more than 70 works of painting and graphics, glorifying the human feat, whether it is the defense of the Motherland on the battlefield, or, for example, the feat of the mother.

Andrei Drozdov works in the traditions of the realistic school of painting, referring to the theme of goodness, spiritual greatness, mercy. The impressive part of the exposition “On the Watch of the Fatherland” is dedicated to the great generals, the champions of Orthodoxy and those whose feat may not be immortalized in books, but this is no less significant.

A series of works is dedicated to a Russian woman, mother. Some of the works presented in the exhibition impress with their size. “… there are topics that you can not take in a small format. You have to shout in a full voice, then your message will reach the viewer’s consciousness, “said Andrei Drozdov.

The central picture of the exhibition is the “Procession”. “The procession goes – Russia is alive. Crusaders led to faith with fire and sword, and the procession leads to faith by prayer, “- says the artist.

Portrait and genre painting is supplemented at the exhibition with picturesque sketches, sketches – endless fields, a high sky, a penetrating picture of native spaces.

“The Voronezh land is my homeland for me, my grandmother, my mother, was born here. I came every summer, it was here that my inner maturation as an artist happened. Together with my father, we visited the Kramskoy Museum, talked with pictures, “- said the artist.

Visit the exposition “On guard of the Fatherland” until March 19.