Master class on making Karachun clay toys


March 4 at the VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy held a master class on the making of Karachun clay toys. The artist Ramon’s artist, the national master of the Voronezh region Lyudmila Dedova was leading the business.

Children and adults got acquainted with the history of the Karachun clay toy, which belongs to the cultural and historical heritage of the Voronezh region. In the village of Karachun in the Ramon district since ancient times, utensils and toys made of clay have been made. The entire population of the village was involved in the process of manufacturing clay products. The inhabitants of Karachun actively traded the dishes, took it to the fairs. For the fun of the master, toy whistles were created.

The participants of the lesson also tried to create a toy under the direction of Lyudmila Dedova. The master showed how to handle clay, how to give it the right shape, how to work out the image.