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Photo exhibition “Metamorphoses of the visible”


August 29, 2019 at 16.00 hours in VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy, in the framework of the VI festival of art photography FotumArt, the grand opening of the exhibition of works by the famous Voronezh photographer Vladimir Golub will take place.

The exhibition “Metamorphoses of the Visible” presents about 40 photographs executed in the direction of Fine-Art Photography. The main objective of this direction is the creation of aesthetically significant photographic images, the transmission of a certain emotional mood to the viewer, reflecting the subjective perception of the author, which fundamentally distinguishes “Fine-Art Photography” from “ordinary” photography, which documents specific objects and events.

The project was implemented using computer processing methods in combination with advanced EPSON photo printing technologies, which makes it possible, by varying the formal presentation of photography, to make it more expressive, close to painting and graphic work. This technique allows us to move from a conventional realistic photograph to a more generalized, often almost abstract image of real objects, to an image whose perception is based on the harmony of color spots, lines, texture of graphic elements.

The author is sincerely grateful to Epson Europe B.V. and personally to the head of the Russian mission, Evgeny Dzhaksimov.


Vladimir Alexandrovich Golub was born in 1954 in Voronezh. Graduated with honors from Voronezh State University. Member of the Union of Photographers of Russia, member of the Creative Union “Photography”, Ph.D., associate professor, Honorary Worker of Voronezh State University. He has been involved in photography for 50 years, professionally since 1991. He mastered almost all genres of art photography. He worked as a photojournalist of Voronezh newspapers and magazines, collaborated with many publications and advertising agencies.

For several years, starting in 1999, he taught a photography course at the Voronezh Art College, and since 2007, at the Faculty of Journalism of the Voronezh State University. In 2008, he organized the Vladimir Golub Photography School, where he is currently teaching photography based on his own copyrighted methods and programs.

In 2011, he organized the Fotum photo club, and a year later, the Fotum Photographic Center, whose head, as well as Photo Schools, is currently.

Vladimir Golub is the author of 13 personal and participant of more than 80 collective photo exhibitions in Russia and abroad (USA, UK, France, Germany). He is the winner and laureate of many photo contests and photo exhibitions. The author’s works are in private collections in Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and other countries, as well as in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy.

Entrance to the opening – FREE!

An educational program (master classes, lectures) will be held as part of the VI Festival of Art Photography “FotumArt”. You can familiarize yourself with the program here.

The cost of visiting the exhibition is 50 rubles for all categories of visitors.
Members of the Union of Artists and Photographers (upon presentation of a certificate) – free of charge.
Photography: mobile devices, the camera (no flash) – for free.
Amateur video recording (1 hour) – 300 rubles.

The exhibition runs until September 29th.