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Wonderland game “A fascinating journey with the Pig-marine painter


In the days of spring break Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy offers a new sightseeing tour through the main exposition of the museum.
This time the museum walker will be devoted to works depicting the water element.

Participants, along with the already beloved Khryusha, have to complete a number of tasks and solve the secret word-code. Traveling through the halls of the museum will be not only fascinating, but also useful, because you will learn many new and interesting things. For example, what is a corvette?

In addition to courage, mischief, good shoes and a great company for the passage of our quest, participants need ingenuity and attentiveness.

The result will be a well-deserved prize.

You can complete the walk-through game from March 23 to March 31 (except weekends on March 25 and 26).

Pass-through game is carried out when buying a ticket for the permanent exhibition. The cost of the game, adventure 50 rubles.

For organized groups, please call by phone: 255-50-81.