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Exhibition of author's dolls "Puppet curse"


March 05 at the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy will open an exhibition of author’s dolls “Puppet curse”.

The exhibition is organized by the Voronezh masters, members of the Union of Artists of the Department of Decorative and Applied Arts – Ivan the Terrible and Nikolai Pavlov, who popularize and develop puppetry art not only in Voronezh, but also in different cities and countries.

One of the main characters at the exhibition will be the Teddy bear – a cult toy of the modern world, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The craftsmen who create these bears are called teddists.

The exhibition brought together about 300 handicrafts made in single copies. The exhibition will feature works by more than 25 artists, both beginners and participants in many international exhibitions, from different cities of Russia, Ukraine, Italy.

Visit cost:

The cost of visiting the exhibition is 100 rubles for all categories of visitors.
Members of the Union of Artists (upon presentation of a certificate) – free.
Photography: mobile devices, camera (without flash) – free of charge.

The exhibition will run until April 11, 2021.