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Generation 55/100 program


Dear friends, the museum has prepared a special subscription program for visitors of the “silver age” (55+).

The Generation 55/100 program is an opportunity to learn something new about the work of famous Russian and foreign artists, discuss your favorite works in a circle of interested interlocutors, try your hand at artistic creativity, getting acquainted with different visual techniques and techniques.

Season cycle “Museum Biographies” (February – May)

The museum has a unique collection of works of art from different eras and cultures. A series of conversations is dedicated to the acquaintance with the Voronezh Regional Art Museum named after I.N. Kramskoy and the treasures that he keeps and exhibits.
Master classes will help make dreams of creativity come true, and, perhaps, for the first time, create your own work in various artistic techniques.

February 18 at 13.00
Biography 1. Secrets of the Voronezh Palace.
The topic of the conversation is the legends and history of one of the most beautiful buildings in the city.
Duration – 90 minutes.

February 25 at 13.00
Master class “Drawing with a reed pen”.
Working in the technique of the old masters and creating your own drawing using ink and reed pen.
Duration – 90 minutes.

March 4 at 13.00
Biography 2. Collection of Egyptian antiquities.
The topic of the conversation is the fate of one of the outstanding collections of monuments of ancient Egyptian culture, which includes rare works of the 19th – 2nd centuries in Russian museum collections. BC.
Duration – 90 minutes.

March 18 at 13.00
Master class “Floral still life”.
Creation of a still life in mixed media using acrylics and pastels.
Duration – 90 minutes.

April 1 at 13.00
Biography 3. Collection of antique art.
The topic of the conversation is a collection of ancient Greek ceramic vessels created in the 8th-5th centuries BC.
Duration – 90 minutes.

April 15 at 13.00
Master class “Free expressive rural landscape”.
Creating a rural landscape using acrylics and pastels.
Duration – 90 minutes.

May 6 at 13.00
Biography 4. Collection of Russian and foreign art.
The topic of the conversation is a collection of paintings: the history of formation, the pearls of the collection. Duration – 90 minutes.
Duration – 90 minutes.

May 20 at 13.00
Master class “Still life”.
Creating a still life on tinted paper using dry pastel technique.
Duration – 90 minutes.

The place of the classes is the lecture hall, the main building.

The cost of the subscription is 1200 rubles (4 talks and 4 master classes).
The purchase of a subscription is carried out on the museum website. To buy a ticket.
Attention! The subscription is valid upon presentation of a pension certificate or a document confirming age at the museum.

Limited number of seats!