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Lectures within the framework of the exhibition "Alexander Buchkuri: student and teacher"


Dear friends!

VOKHM them. I.N. Kramskoy invites everyone over 16 years old to the lecture program, which will be held as part of the anniversary exhibition “Alexander Buchkuri: student and teacher”.

December 17  at 18.30. Lecture “A. A. Buchkuri: Life and Work “

In a lecture dedicated to the life and work of the Voronezh artist and graphic artist, a talented teacher, founder of the local academic, realistic school of painting, Alexander Alekseevich Buchkuri, will talk about the well-known works of this master. For the success of these paintings, other works of the artist remained little known. What kind? You will learn about this in the lecture.

Lecturer – Senior Researcher of the Museum Valeria Aleksandrovna Meremianina.

December 24 at 18.30. Lecture “Students of A.A. Buchkuri “.

Alexander Alekseevich Buchkuri was not only a painter, but also a wonderful teacher who brought up a whole galaxy of Voronezh artists. A subtle and sensitive mentor, he instilled in his students a sincere and genuine love for painting, art, and homeland.

“Draw simply, approaching each drawing with attention and without memorization, as if you had never drawn, do not be proud, do not be afraid to humiliate yourself to convey what is in nature, work tirelessly and persistently and not for the sake of fame or self-interest ”- the master loved to repeat.

The lecture will examine the life and work of Mikhail Likhachev, Arkady Vasiliev, Vladimir Belopolsky, Boris Timin and other artists of the older generation.

Lecturer – Senior Researcher of the Museum Valery Alekseevich Shakin.

January 14, 2021 at 18.30. Lecture “Alexander Buchkuri – student of Ilya Repin”.

At the lecture, you will learn how the Itinerants and Academists found a compromise, under what circumstances Ilya Repin headed the teaching activity at the Academy and what he learned from the great master Alexander Buchkuri.

Lecturer – head of the exposition and exhibition department of the museum Galina Alekseevna Nikulina.

TICKET PRICE – 100 rubles.

Pre-registration is required by phone: 8 (473) 255-50-81.
Tickets can be purchased ONLINE only.
Electronic tickets will be available the day before the event!

If suddenly you have any questions or difficulties with buying tickets online, please contact us by phone: 8 (473) 255-38-67.
The museum staff will be happy to help you!