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September 6, 2019 at the Wohm I.N. Kramskoy will start an exhibition of photographs directed by Al Ersburn .
The project started in September 2015, when, after 16 years of living abroad (Tokyo, New York, Berlin), El Ersburn (née Elena Rodina) arrived in his native city of Voronezh and again entered the Russian language information field. She was attracted by graffiti; she was interested in the topic of anonymous authors.
What unites the primitive people who wrote and painted on the rocks with the people of the 21st century who also write messages to fellow citizens, remaining incognito? Are graffiti a work of art, a cry of the soul, or just an insult to the city? Director Al Ersburn poses these questions to Voronezh residents, city guests and, of course, to herself.
The exposition was composed of 17 photos.

Project supported:
Museum-reserve “Kostenki” and the chief researcher of the museum, Irina Kotlyarova, Marina Dzhakeli (owner of JUSTFAMILY, Kitchen & amp; Bar network “JUST”, “DJA + GO”); Elena Kislenko – organizer and leader of projects and events, Roman Rash – designer of women’s clothing, Lyudmila Anikeeva – designer of wedding and evening dresses, ballet dancer Tatyana Shamardina, Alexandra Markova – animator and director of the holiday agency Alexandria Festive Country.

The author thanks:
The “QUARTA” printing house and personally Olga Sevryukova for the prompt printing of photographs, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Victoria and Valery Shestopalov, Anzhelika Krum for helping the director during the filming, Vladislav Kuznetsov for helping with transport around the city; Denis Zaitsev, Olga Minaev, Bogdan Shestopalov for finding interesting inscriptions. Viktor and Olga Kobzeva for their wise advice, as well as photographers Maria Minaeva and Kirill Savelyev for taking photos of “Fluff Goof” and “I’ll Be Back Soon”, where director El Ersburn, having come up with the idea of ​​the frame, starred herself in the role of model.

Al Ersburn – works in the fields of theater, cinema, literature, photography, philosophy, architecture and pedagogy.
Winner of awards and grants from the USA, Japan, Russia, prize-winner of film festivals, participant of exhibitions. Since 2000, Al has done more than 50 independent projects in experimental cinema, theater, photography and performances (New York, Berlin, Dublin, Russia). She has published 29 scientific articles and essays in Russia and abroad.

Cost of attending the exhibition 50 rubles for all categories of visitors.
Members of the Union of Artists and Photographers (upon presentation of the certificate) – free.
Photography: mobile devices, camera (no flash) – Free.
Amateur video recording (1 hour) – 300 rubles

The exhibition runs until September 22nd .