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Educational program in the framework of the project «History of Russian Design 1917–2017»


8 August
Curator tour of the exhibition from Olga Druzhinina
Beginning at 17.00 hours.
Olga Druzhinina, Development Director of the Moscow Design Museum, art historian, journalist; author of numerous publications on Soviet and European design.
The History of Russian Design 1917–2017 is a unique project that covers all the stages of the development of Russian design for the first time: constructivism and production art of the 1920–1930s, Soviet design of the 1960–1980s, modern Russian design.
The exhibition presents the best examples of domestic design from avant-garde to modern times. This is an educational project, accompanied by a lecture program, telling about Russian design in the context of the history of our country, it will be of interest to both the general public and professionals.

August 15
Lecture: “Eternally living past. Design as an evolution of the idea” 
Beginning at 18.00 hours.
Pavel Ulyanov, design historian, specialist in the history of the design of the living environment; collector; gallery owner
The topic of evolutionary design, that is, the consistent improvement of one basic idea, is the subject of study of one of the leading design historians Pavel Ulyanov. Pavel founded the Chairmuseum project – a collection of chairs and armchairs of industrial design of the twentieth century. It is by the example of these pieces of furniture that the basic ideas that underlay the masterpieces of furniture design and the transformation of these ideas over many hundreds of years can be most clearly shown. This topic is extremely relevant for Russian design: over the course of the twentieth century, serious changes repeatedly occurred in the socio-economic development of the country, and each time the “material world” of the previous period changed to suit the new “course”. Not to “reinvent the wheel every time”, but to study the existing experience and build on the traditions, use the existing experience, adapting it to modern requirements and conditions is the basis of the “right”, “reasonable” design.

August 22
Lecture: “Architecture and design of the XX century”
Beginning at 18.00 hours.
Nikolay Vasilyev, historian of architecture, design and urban planning, Ph.D., photographer.
The lecture will focus on the relationship between the design arts and the role of architects in the development of design as a separate discipline, mainly on the example of Soviet architecture and design. Design is the youngest of the design arts, it is thousands of years younger than architecture and urban planning, but at the same time much more dynamic. Having appeared together with the mass industry, design has largely overtaken architecture, which can be clearly seen in Western examples, but is almost negligible in the domestic practice of the 20th century. At the same time there was no separate design education, and the profession itself, in official registries for a long time. What was it that pushed the professionals in the related fields into design in the 1920s, 1950s, or 1970s?

August 29
Film screening “DESIGN IN THE USSR” (1979) and the discussion after the film with Alexandra Sankova, curator of the exhibition.
Beginning at 18.00 hours.
Alexandra Sankova, founder and director of the Moscow Museum of Design; designer, historian of design; the author of the collection of interviews with Russian designers; The author of articles on Soviet design.

Entrance to the lectures is free by prior registration at the link.

Information about the exhibition “History of Russian Design 1917–2017” is available here.