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Lesson "In the pottery workshop"


Purpose of the lesson: acquaintance with the collection of them. I.N. Kramskoy, obtaining knowledge about the culture of ancient Greek society, the formation of ideas about the forms of ancient vessels, their production technology and painting.

The lesson will begin with an acquaintance with the museum, during which the children will learn about the works of art displayed in the museum, including paintings, sculptures, ceramics, furniture and objects of decorative and applied arts.

During the theoretical part, children will learn about the potter’s profession, what tools the potter uses in his work, what his workshop looks like, what works are created in it and what are the steps to create a pottery product.

The exhibits of the department of ancient art will acquaint with the true masterpieces of ancient Greek ceramics, the characteristics of the purpose of vessels, their role and importance in public life, styles and patterns of painting.

In the practical part, participants will be asked to paint the silhouettes of ancient Greek vases, both arbitrarily and with the help of special stencils. The painting will be carried out using elements and color shades characteristic of vazopisi styles used in ancient Greece. Created work participants will take away from memory.

Time classes: January – March.

Classes are held for organized groups (from 10 to 30 people) according to preliminary requests by phone: 255-50-81 (cf. – Sun).

Days of classes: Wednesday – Saturday.
Lesson duration: 90 minutes.
The cost of classes for one person: 250 rubles.