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Personal exhibition of Zorikto Dorzhiev «Steppe story» (0+)


March 3, 2018 in the Voronezh Regional Art Museum. I.N. Kramskoy begins work personal exhibition of the artist Zorikto Dorzhiev “Steppe story.”

The exposition will feature more than fifty art and bronze sculptures created by the artist from 2005 to 2016.

Zorikto Dorzhiev works in easel painting, graphic art, book illustration, sculpture, and also as a movie artist. The creative method of the master is based on the synthesis of several components, the main ones of which are the figurative tradition of the academic school and the cultural heritage of the nomadic peoples of Buryatia.

The author very carefully and delicately conducts work with traditional national images. He manages to avoid populist replication of recognizable elements, ethnographic or museum reconstruction.

Zarikto Dorzhiev creates images that are saturated with the characteristic properties of the culture of Central and East Asia, such as closeness and immersion in themselves, plastic asceticism and lapidary forms, decorative surface design. The background in his works often become the vast expanses of the steppe. Comprehension of the theme of the Great Steppe is the leitmotif of Dorzhiev’s creativity. And the author defines the image of the main hero-nomad – as follows: “A nomad for me is a contemplative. … This is an artist, poet, philosopher. As a rule, he is alone. ”

Dorzhiev’s artistic language combines the graphic silhouette with the massiveness and weight of archetypal forms. Thus, the visualization of oriental poetics is combined with the reflection of mythic-epic tales. The adequacy of time in this case is manifested in the introduction into the tissue of the product of the complex rhythm of the modern pictorial language.


Zorikto Dorzhiev was born in 1976 in Ulan-Ude. In 1996 he graduated from the Buryat Republican School of Culture and Art. In 2002 he graduated with honors from Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute (AM Znak Workshop). In the period from 2003 to 2005, he trained in the creative workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts.

In 2004, Zorikto Dorzhiev was involved as a costume designer in the film “Mongol” by Sergei Bodrov. The film received the “Nika” award and the “Oscar” nomination. For his work in the film Alexei Fedorchenko’s “Heavenly Wives of Meadow Marie” in 2014, the artist was awarded the Guild of Film Critics of Russia “White Elephant”, was nominated for the “Nika” award.

Since 2005, Z. Dorzhiev has been cooperating with the “Gallery of Khankhalaev”, which published in 2010 a popular historical novel by Isaiah Kalashnikov “Cruel Age”, which tells of the life of the Mongols in the late 12th – early 13th centuries. The first illustrations for the novel were made by Zorikto Dorzhiev in the form of graphical sheets written by coal.

In 2011, Zorikbook was published – an illustrated book by Zorikto Dorzhiev, in which the author tells about himself and his work.

Personal exhibitions of the artist were successfully held in: Tibet House US (New York), the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg), the Museum of the East (Moscow), Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Brussels, London (with the opening ceremony at the Victoria Museum and Albert), the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow).

Zorikto Dorzhiev’s works are kept in the State Russian Museum, the State Museum of Oriental Art, the Irkutsk Regional Art Museum. V.P. Sukachev, Tomsk Regional Art Museum, Buryat Republican Art Museum. TS.S. Sampilova (Ulan-Ude), in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Australia, France, Belgium, Great Britain, Canada, New Zealand, Greece, Latvia, China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia.

Zorikto Dorzhiev is a regular participant of the biggest art shows in Russia, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.

The exhibition will last until April 8, 2018.

The cost of a full entrance ticket is 250 rubles,
preferential (for students, schoolchildren, pensioners) – 150 rubles.